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Computers and programs

I've discovered computers a long time ago, when I first programmed on a Thomson computer (MO5) at our school. I've then owned an Amstrad CPC, a Commodore Amiga, and a bunch of PCs.

Here you can find some information about the projects I ran and others things I do with computers. There will likely be additions in the future so if you want to be warned by new additions just drop me a line at email.


I've always enjoyed programming as a hobby, and even now that I'm being paid to work on code I still love to do smaller personnal projects, most of the time to learn things or try new techniques. If you click on the programming projects entry on the left menu, you can find out more about some of the projects I participated to. I'm also a participant in some programming forums, trying to help out aspiring programmers, I've written some tutorials and technical articles. You can find them in the technical articles section.


Graphics are one of my main interest in computer science. My point of view is that of a programmer as well as an "art amateur". I love it when my computer displays cool pictures on the screen and one of my goal is to create programs that could display beautiful virtual realms. Note that I'm not a computer artist though I already tried many techniques of computer assisted creation. I'm also fond of more traditional techniques. If you want to see more, please visit my gallery of drawings.


Like a lot of people around here, I love music. I listen to all styles of music: pop, rock, techno, hip-hop, classical and sometimes I try to compose by myself. I own a mini home studio with a keyboard, soundcards, audio and midi sequencer that I use when I've got some time. The interest of my compositions is very limited though. If you want to learn more or discuss obout this topic, drop me a line : email.


I'm also a gamer with interests in all kind of gaming genre: I play first person shooters, strategy, life simulations, action games, racing and others. Unfortunately I usually lack the time to try all the new games I would like to but here's a short list of worthy titles : Civilization, F.E.A.R, Planescape Torment, Black and White 1 & 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Fallout 2, Deus Ex, the Sims 2, Sim City, Splinter Cell, Beyond Good and Evil, Halo 2, Shenmue II, Dungeon Siege, Caesar III, UFO:Enemy unknown, Under a killing moon, Day of the tentacle, etc.